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At Style & Scents Global we have more than 500 products across 19 different brands in Perfumes and Skin Care Cosmetics. Our products come at various different price points catering to different segments of the market. Ranging from mass to middle to prestige segments. Each product is a high quality item that combines the finest ingredients with innovative packaging. We are a trusted name among perfume and skin care cosmetics manufacturers and this is evident in our ever growing list of clients. We offer a wide range of products to cater to the ever growing needs and diversity of our target market. We have a structured production line ready to meet the demands of both the local and international markets.


Style & Scents Global has been in business for 18 years and the journey started with the launch of French fragrances in the mass and medium price points. As the markets responded Style & Scents Global fragrances began to have a global footprint and the portfolio was expanded to include fragrances in the premium and luxury segments of the market. Same time Arabic fragrances were introduced to cater to the consumers who were seeking out oriental aromas.
In parallel Style & Scents Global diversified its presence in the beauty industry by launching skin care and personal care product lines. And in a short span of time Style & Scents Global has added a vast line of skin care cosmetics and depilatory products in its range.
Style & Scents Global has steadily but surely built a strong foundation of products and partners while expanding into global markets. The commitment has been to ensure that consumers feel satisfaction in using its products so they remain loyal to the products being offered.

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