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Project Briefing

Understand the category of product to be developed.

Identify fragrance

Identify the desired family of fragrance and its inspiration.

Identify components

Decide on the bottle, cap, type of packaging.


Finalise the brand name and logo, bottle decoration and print, box graphics and layout.


Prepare a dummy product to review for any likely amendments.

Final Production

Commence commercial production consisting of blending, filling, packing and shipment.

Leading Private Label Fragrance & Skin Care Manufacturer in the Region

At Style & Scents Global, we consider ourselves as a reliable manufacturer of world class perfumes and skin care cosmetics. When you approach us we realise that you have placed a great deal of trust in our company. Your brand image is built on consistently high quality fragrances that are perfectly blended and packaged with excellence in mind.


Consistent quality of product across all perfume and skin care cosmetic lines

As one of the major private label perfume and skin care cosmetics manufacturers in the country, we understand the importance of meeting the client expectations. There is a lot that rides on your product and the consumer experience with it. At Style & Scents Global we put a premium on creating innovative yet highly functional bottles, tubes, jars and packaging designs to ensure your products are both recognisable and well accepted in the market. The components are sourced from the most reliable vendors, the raw materials of the highest quality, the fitments are consistent and the packaging is attractive.