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Seeking Authorised Distributors Around the World

Style & Scents Global is an international supplier offering more than 500 products from 19 renowned global brands in perfumes and skin care cosmetics. We focus on high quality standards, product consistency, packaging innovation and efficient service. Through our Authorised Distributors around the world we attract and build loyal customers for our fragrances and skin care products.

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Why are we the ideal supplier?

At Style & Scents Global Fragrances we specialise in high product quality, innovative packaging, logistics, marketing and dedicated service to ensure that we remain trustworthy as international perfume and skin care cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers. When you partner with our company you are ensured a reliable and affordable supply of products that are subject to strict quality control both pre-production and post-production. Our goal is to meet your needs and that of your customers and we offer products of a truly global standard to achieve this.

Key benefits of doing business with us;

Access to a diverse product portfolio that caters to different market segments.

Ready stocks to ensure quick servicing of orders both small and large.

Continuous product development to bring out new products.

Products on par with global and contemporary trends.

Innovative techniques for printing and product packaging.

Partner with Style & Scents Global to join the growing network of Authorised Distributors located in more than 65 countries around the world. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and discuss how we can take our partnership forward.