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Leading Private Label Fragrance & Skin Care Manufacturer in the Region

At Style & Scents Global, we consider ourselves as a reliable manufacturer of world class perfumes and skin care cosmetics. When you approach us we realise that you have placed a great deal of trust in our company. Your brand image is built on consistently high quality fragrances that are perfectly blended and packaged with excellence in mind.

Consistent quality of product across all perfume and skin care cosmetic lines

As one of the major private label perfume and skin care cosmetics manufacturers in the country, we understand the importance of meeting the client expectations. There is a lot that rides on your product and the consumer experience with it. At Style & Scents Global we put a premium on creating innovative yet highly functional bottles, tubes, jars and packaging designs to ensure your products are both recognisable and well accepted in the market. The components are sourced from the most reliable vendors, the raw materials of the highest quality, the fitments are consistent and the packaging is attractive.

Fragrances that vary in strength and notes from batch to batch is another concern that lead to unsatisfied customers and erosion on your brand image. Therefore, we follow due process towards blending perfumes that are consistent through the product lifespan. We source our raw materials from competitive and yet high quality vendors in the market. These vendors have been established over several years of co-operation and assessment.

Skin care products that vary in bulk performance from batch to batch is also a major irritant and source of frustration among customers. So we are following very stringent quality standards to monitor the formulations and performance to ensure there is absolute consistency from one delivery to the next.

We work closely with companies and manufacturers

At Style & Scents Global when we take on a project we take the time to understand the project brief and the specific needs of your company. Being one of the more experienced private label manufacturers in Dubai, we allocate sufficient time to review your specifications and work on a solution that is cost effective and yet of high and consistent quality.

As one of the largest private label fragrance manufacturers, we believe that innovation and excellence should be exhibited in every product we manufacture both our own brands and also products in the private label of our customers. When it comes to these kinds of private label perfume projects we pride ourselves on timely service and delivery. At no stage do we compromise on quality and finish.

By partnering with us, you can cut down your operational costs by doing business with a one-stop shop that can take care of every step of the perfume production process. From concept to design to development to component sourcing to manufacture, we offer comprehensive perfume manufacturing solutions.

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We look forward to hearing from you and demonstrate how we can help you to take your business to the next level. Feel free to call us and discuss your needs with our customer support personnel. Or you can choose to visit us at our office, we can personally sit down and run through the project in detail.