Roja Dove - Truth and Lies

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Posted on 07/01/2020

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Roja Dove – actually its Roger but I think that rejecting its name tells a lot about the pose this brand stroke.

The beginning

As an adolescent, he began a correspondence with the PR of the house of Guerlain, also known as the “Vatican of perfume industry” as we are talking about almost 200 years old house with a striking number of timeless perfume masterpieces it continues to produce today. He continued bombing them with questions during his medical studies he gave up to begin working in the fashion industry. When he was 24 after tiring Robert Guerlain with his questions so much he gave him an administrative job. He worked for 20 years in Guerlain and advance to the position of brand ambassador.

Then he magically opened his own perfume production in 2001. Surprise surprise, most of his creations resembled Guerlain perfumes – those already presented and those waiting to be presented. During the years he spent there he had the chance to spend time with the best perfume makers in the world and he learned a lot from them.

Are copycats the best way to repay them for the incredible opportunity given t him? Is imitation the greatest form of flattering? I’ll let you be the judge of that…

What do the critics say?

World’s greatest perfume reviewer Luca Turin gave all Roja Dove’s perfumes one star or two. The only exemption is Fetish that received three. Not one perfume landed on the good, four, five stars perfumes list. Ordinarily eloquent and interesting, Luca used one word to describe Roger Dove’s perfumes – “routine”. And he was appalled by their price.

As far as I’m concerned, luxury bottles, encrusted with metal, bejeweled with diamonds and crystals cannot mask the desperate lack of inspiration and imagination. Lack of talent is noticed with every breath and the insincerity, fakeness and narcissistic conduct of Roger (Roje) Dove can pass only with the newly rich but never with European with wit and culture and a true passion towards perfume making art.

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